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Hawk Risk Protection offers Forensic Voice Analysis services to help with hearings and investigations. FVAS is a voice biometrics program used for law enforcement and criminal identification. It analyzes audio evidence accurately by applying voice biometrics technology in a way that makes it easier to work with audio evidence. It assists forensics experts and security organizations complete voice treatment and speaker identification processes accurately. With the straightforward identification it provides, Forensic Voice Analysis contributes to criminal investigation and prosecution of suspects. The Forensic Voice Analyses System (FVAS) has been in use for over 50 years and is a much newer technology than other lie detection methods. FVAS works on the Central Nervous System measuring twelve physiological functions and displays seventeen indicators of stress.

If you need to do a criminal check or fingerprint search, we are authorised to run searches on the Afiswitch database. Afiswitch provides a national electronic criminal record check against the South African Police Service criminal fingerprint database.

Benefits of FVAS:

  • There‚Äôs no artificial waiting time between questions as the micro-tremor recovers instantly
  • No physical attachments are connected to the subject, making it more hygienic. The subject is free to move around during the examination resulting in a much friendlier examination in terms of how it interacts with the subject
  • All FVAS results are conclusive
  • Alcohol, drugs, age and health does not have an impact on results
  • Pregnant woman can be tested
  • An unlimited number of questions can be asked during testing (Protocol dependent)
  • An unlimited number of examinations can be conducted on a subject during a day
  • An unlimited number of issues can be addressed with a subject during a day
  • Can analyze "yes or no" answers and phrases or entire sentences
  • FVAS integrity examinations, following a proper pre-test interview, is very accurate. The figures most often cited are in the 95% - 98% range


Forensic Voice Analysis

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