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Use our Hawk Risk Dash Camera to monitor your fleet, drivers and assets as well as manage driver behaviour, see exactly where help is needed. Protect your assets against vehicle theft, driver abuse, driver fatigue, and even monitor harsh breaking

See what happened like you were there!


Hawk Risk Dash Camera Features:

  • The Dash Cam offers integrated dual channel recording
  • Capture and record activity inside and outside the vehicle
  • The moment the ignition is switched on, recording to the SD card will start
  • Clients can also login remotely at any time from any working internet device like smart phone or laptop
  • This device can be used and monitored anywhere in the world
  • Quotes will include installation in a 50km radius from Pretoria or Johannesburg thereafter AA rates apply


Our tracking devices are powered by a leading and established South African based technology company specialising in M2M and IoT solutions. It’s a purpose-built solution specifically developed for personal and asset tracking. Compared to traditional GSM & RF based tracking products, our solution is significantly more cost effective, it is reliable and flexible which makes it ideal for tracking almost any asset. Whether your assets are moving, or static and should not be moving, our solution allows you to keep track of them!

Our product range includes both GSM and Sigfox (non-GSM) based tracking units which caters for a multitude of applications, from tracking people, to parcels, to high value assets. The units are wireless and self-powered, some with up to 5 years+ battery life. The are rugged, easily concealable, configurable and allows for quick and hassle-free self-installation. Integrated with our state-of-the-art tracking platform and mobile application, we are able to connect the physical world with the digital world, giving you visibility and improved management control of your assets.

Why Hawk Risk Tracking Devices:

  • Global Roaming
  • Low cost solutions
  • Self-powered tracking units
  • Reliable, hassle-free installation
  • Multitude of applications
  • State-of-the-art tracking platform
  • Peripheral sensors and reporting



Our Container-in-transit global tracking devices are powered by a leading and established South African based technology company and uses the latest technology in GPS tracking to ensure the safety of your cargo or assets. Whether your assets are moving, or static and should not be moving, our container locks with global tracking devices, allows you to keep your assets secure and keep track of them at all times. The container locks are perfect for cross border tracking and gives you 24 hour visibilty on fleet management.

Why Use Our Container Locks and Tracking Devices:

  • The container lock been manufactured from hardened steel.
  • The container lock can be fitted on most containers and trucks in order to secure and track the cargo.
  • The container lock is fitted with a combination lock. A pin code is only provided to a designated person at delivery location to secure your consignment in transit.
  • The Wireless GPS Tracking Unit can effectively monitor, on our platform, with coordinated updates, the visibility of all consignments in real time, as well as unauthorized movement and tampering alerts on specific containers.
  • The Wireless Tracking Units are fitted with a Global Sim Card which can be monitored in South Africa and on cross border routes, without changing the sim card.
  • The Wireless Tracking Unit have a tampering device which sends a tampering alert to our platform, with any unauthorized movements on static or in transit containers.
  • The Wireless Tracking Unit will also send a tampering alert when there is any attempt to remove/tampering with the container lock.
  • Our platform provide full play back on entire route travelled if needed, and our wireless devices has easy location sharing capabilities.
  • Our platform also provides daily, weekly and monthly updated reports on reoccurring clients fleet.
  • The Container Locks with our Wireless Global Tracking Units are prominently utilized in consignment tracking of high valuable cargo.
  • The Wireless Global Tracking Units have a 10,000HAH battery life and can sustain up to eight(8) months life span with a minimum update range of one(1) X hour.
  • The 10,000MAH battery life can sustain one(1) months life span with a maximum update every minute.
  • The Wireless Global Tracking Unit go into standby mode in order to save the battery on the unit and will only wake up on movement, tampering or with a platform command to wake up.
  • The Wireless Global Tracking Units battery can last up to twelve(12) months if you only require the unit to wake up on a platform command that we are able to manage and coordinate on.
  • The Wireless Global Tracking Units can be re-charged with an AC adapter when battery is low with a rapid charging session.
  • We can monitor via our platform each unit's battery capacity and we can inform the client/responsible person, when a battery needs to be exchanged and recharged.
  • We recommend that spare units are always available so that units with low battery power can immediately be exchange with a full charged unit.
  • Exchanging units will be updated on our platform to ensure that the correct units are assessed in accordance to container information. We have a specific protocol for the exchange of any unit to correspond with a container and area.
  • The Container Locks and Wireless Global Tracking Units are also used with escorts on route with high valuable cargo to ensure that there is full visibility on each consignment and that there is no tampering with containers, during this process.

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